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i had the best dream the other night...

Harlow was coming to Northern Lights on tour and they were camping out in my backyard. They were staying in a tent and i looked out my bathroom window and Rebecca and Chimene were laying on lawn chairs in the sunlight. They kind of looked real, but the whole band had blonde hair and Rebecca's was wicked long. So they were outside and they all had on lavender one-piece bathing suits. I was planning on going to the concert, but i hadn't bought my ticket yet. Then the doorbell rang and it was Amanda's sister and i slammed the door in her face because i was so excited. And she asked me if i planned on going to the concert and i was like 'of course!' So she was like, 'well i have your ticket right here and you can come with us in the van'..it was parked in my driveway. So i was all excited and i ran into my room picking out what to wear and i kept changing my outfit because i couldnt get it right. so then she yelled to me that she was just going to go ahead without me and that i could meet her there. so i said,'alright'. And then she said again, ' ok..i'll just go ahead to see Flickerstick's soundcheck and i'll meet you there' and i was like 'AHHH' so i just threw on anything and i left with her. the whole time i was thinking 'why was i going to a concert without Izzy'?..which was really strange because even my subconscience knows that we have to go to concerts together..so we show up at Northern Lights and Izzy is there...no questions asked, she was just there. Then Harlow went somewhere and i was sitting inside on the floor with izzy and there was couches around us. It was Northern Lights, but it was just a giant room inside. So we're sitting there and Flicker walks in. They came right over to us and we were talking to them about how cool it was that we got them gifts and gave them to them through the fans. And then Flectcher said 'oh yea..that reminds me..' and he lifted his leg up (he was sitting on the floor with us) ..'i have Christmas presents for you guys'..so he handed us each a stuffed white seal and two patches each. The patches were the ones that have like hot pink flowers and say 'love bug' and 'groovy'..lol..AHH and Fletcher had Brandin's exact hair cut, but i was black..and on Fletch. So then Me, Izzy, Rex, Fletcher, Brandin and Cory...i dont know where Dominic was...were all goofing off like me and izzy do and i was taking pictures of them doing funny poses and my camera broke, but then i fixed it...i had like 20 cameras. it broke right when i was about to take a picture of Rex and i was like 'my camera just broke!' so he was like 'oh, well' i'll just stand here untill you fix it' and i finally fixed it and i took his picture. I think he was doing some wierd pose with his leg. It was like we were all good friends just having fun.. Then they all walked away to take showers and me and izzy were just sitting there...then Fletcher walked back out and me and izzy said to each other 'hehe Fletcher was the fastest taking his shower' So then we were talking to Fletcher and i asked him who was their opening band tonight and he said it was Harlow and i was like, 'this is going to be the coolest concert ever!'...and then i woke up.. :( i was seriously sad about it because i truly thought it was real..and i went back to sleep hoping that i could remember it. But i didnt. Im not sure why the dream started off with Harlow and then morphed into Flickerstick.
Maybe its a sign that Harlow and Flick will go on tour together...hehe That would rock mighty balls!..that dream rocked balls!
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