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'i was hoping you'd be here'

We got to Northern Lights around 3. We immediately saw their tour bus, and went around back to it. As we were walking closer, we didn't see anyone around, so we kind of hung around there for a second deciding whether to go back around front. Then we saw these little legs walk down the front of the tour bus and stop and then go back up and stop. It was like a double take. So we were like, was that Brandin? and like a minute later, Fletcher comes walking out of the tour bus and points his fingers at us in remembrance. We said Hi to him again and we gave him some of his gifts. He said that he knew we would be there and then said, I was hoping youd be here. [!!!]Then he invited us on the tour bus. It was very perty and there was a Chihuahua on the front dashboard. He had said that the other guys went across the street to eat. Then us and Fletch went into NL and hung out and talked with him while their equipment and sound was getting set up. We talked about last time they were here and a lot of other stuff. We gave him the mix of songs that we made them and he loved it. He asked the people working there if he could put it on so that everyone could listen while setting up. So they put it on, and everyone there loved all the song choices. Fletcher said that we had saved them because they needed songs that go between Abandoned Pools set and their set, so they will be using the CD mix in the rest of their shows. :) He mentioned Dominic and a certain member of a certain band making out....a little disturbing to know. We are not getting into that.There was this pole with a base on it that didn't have lights set up yet, and it looked like a pole for pole dancing. HA. About an hour or so later, the rest of the guys came in through the front door and saw us immediately. It was really light outside, so as they walked in, it was like four silhouettes walking towards us. tehe. We gave the rest of them their presents. Rex kept saying sweeeet! about everything he got. They were all singing along to the mix that was being played. We had an interview planned, so we interviewed Dominic [ill post the interview at another time..it is EXTREMELY long]. It was really funny and he enjoyed it. We were all just hanging out with them as they went back and forth to the tour bus and inside the venue. We had met the guitarist from Abandoned Pools and his name is Pelle. He is SO awesome. He is extremely nice and is from Sweden. He was awesome to be hanging out with. Then the guy who worked their said that we had to leave. We told him that the guys had said we could stay inside with them and he said well, its not up to them or something. So Fletcher came to our rescue and said like two words to the guy and he said we could stay. They were working on a cover song that they havent quite mastered, so they arent playing it live yet. Izzy and I sat and watched them figure out certain chords and practice the cover. It sounded really good. Shortly after that, Dominic was playing this racing car game called California Speed...we went over and watched him. hehe he was good. Pelle was next to him playing pinball and we went over to cheer him on. He was a little confused it seemed when the ball would roll out the bottom. We had like 3 or 4 hours until 7:30 when the doors were supposed to be opened, so we were hanging out with the guys and talking to Pelle and the other members of Abandoned Pools. We watched the Flick sound check and were the only two clapping when they finished each song hehe Pelle came over to us and gave us each an A.P pin. SOOO NICEE! After Flickers sound check, we got a group shot with all the guys. We were the Flickerstick paparazzi..haha they loved it. We met the lead singer of Abandoned Pools, Tommy and the bassist, Leah. She is so awesome. We were talking to her about instruments we play and i mentioned that i played the bass. Later, she asked me if i wanted to play her bass for their sound check. I unfortunately said, no but only because i would have seriously melted right there on the spot. I couldn't even believe she asked me to do that. She is so awesome. We were sitting with various members of Flick around the venue and the bar at various times. We asked Fletcher if his tattoo was finished yet, and he said it was and showed it to us. It rocks balls. We said that they needed to come back here more often on their tour and he said they will definitely come back. All of our conversations and interviews we did with the members of Flick, was like we were talking to close friends, they never really hesitated about saying anything, and it wasn't like they had to anyway. We had an in depth conversation with Cory and Pelle about Bands On The Run. Cory has many mixed feelings about the show. Oh, and he hates Staind with a passion and we told him that he needs to make the Cory Law because he was saying, anyone who likes the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd has to BY LAW hate Staind and then he was doing his impression of them lol he did that a lot. myyyy daddd touchhhedd meeeee....i hateee myyy lifeeeee!. Sitting and talking with Cory for like a half hour is really amusing. Another time that day, Izzy Cory and I were standing near the Epic promo and he was saying how he hates the pictures that they take lol and he was describing the shirt he was wearing on the promo. He was like there is ducks all over here and grass shit all over the back...his duck shirt . He said they always get the worst shot of him...when hes not looking at the camera, or his legs are wide apart or something.lol Ducks came up in the interviews too....We went to do the interview with Rex and we were sitting on the other side of the bar, Cory and Dominic came running up because they wanted to hear what Rex would answer. During the interview, Cory and Dom would be like hey i said that too! or laugh at Rex for his answers. Rexs interview is hilarious. We asked Fletcher if he wanted to play California Speed and he said he would, so we raced him. Izzy sucks at driving. ;) So i took over and she took a picture of Fletch and I playing. I ended up winning. I came in3rd and Fletch came in 5th. hehehe. Shortly after, Abandoned Pools had their sound check. Sounded good. A little before they were going open the doors, we went over to the guy at the door [who knew us] and he couldn't find our name on the guest list. So...Fletcher came to the rescue again...he said that we were on his guest list. The guy talked to the manager and they eventually found our names. There was four of us on the list so they let Chris and Dan in a little early because they were with us. Once the concert started, it began to fill up a little. A.P went on first, they sounded awesome. Chris said that the bassist kept smiling at me. :) Then Flick came on.They played, Lift, Feel, Holly, Smile, Fade, Sorry, Right, Chloro, Coke, Ex, Believe(their new song they just wrote), Beautiful, Direct. Rex had a singing solo during Youre So Hollywood. The show was really amazing. They had so much more...of everything. Rex was so funny on stage, he was making fun of Brandin because Brandin was doing some accent while talking about Abandoned Pools. After Beautiful ended, Rex said How bout one more time! and he played the beginning of Beautiful and no one else was playing, so he just kind of faded out. It was funny. After the show, they pushed the guard rail out from the stage about 4 feet and used the it as kind of a thing for the band members to stay behind if they wanted to. Rex and Dom and Cory all went out to the audience. Fletcher was walking around, going back and forth. When we were behind the guard rail, he said when these people leave, we will have some time to hang out. When Brandin came out, he sat at the end of the line thing. Izzy and I went behind it and no one cared because they all knew that we were with them earlier. The band members we all happy to see us. I can honestly say that we have moved on from taking nice pictures with Flickerstick. we would run up to them and grab their asses. We had Cory do a Derek Zoolander pose and he grabbed his ass. We were crazy with taking pictures. I have so many of Dominic pointing to this zit on his face. We would attack Cory with the flash, so there is so many close ups of Corys face...just to annoy him. :) Dominic had some ass-grab-age too. hehe We got countless amounts of pictures after the show. Cory makes no sense when hes drunk. He was going on about his inside jokes with Dominic. Saying i aint sayin...im just sayin. i was like, Cory..that makes no sense. and he was like no..its a thing i have with Dominic and he said to Dominic Hey Dom...I aint sayin... and Dom had no idea what Cory was talking about until Cory repeated it like 5 times. Dominic didn't remember right away..or care. lol Then Cory and Chris had a beanie war. For some reason, no one would dare to touch Corys beanie. I don't know what it is with fans and Corys beanie. Everyone thinks for some reason that it is his sacred beenie Well, it was ripped off and Cory was flaunting his TAIL! Cory has a tail...actually he has a mullet. full-on mullet. I was rubbing his tail lol it was so funny. I was hugging him later and he said my hair smelled good and asked what i used and i said herbal essences and he was like, oh! i use white trash grease oil in mine! haha...Anyway, Cory and Chris were about to fight about the beanie it was so hilarious. I had a picture of Cory doing some fighting pose...i don't even know what he was doing. He was running around trying to attack Chris. When we talked to Rex, there wasn't really that many people around him. By the way, there was NO El Dangeroso at this concert. Rex looked good. He looked really good. He was saying to us about how bad his life was the last time they came here and that it was just a blurry, drunken mess. He looked very respectful this time. Brandin said you two are always so good to us and the other guys would say stuff like that. Cory was calling Izzy and I his girls and Dominic kept thanking us for everything weve done. We hung around with them till the very end of the night when there was like 4 fans and Cory and Dominic. As we were leaving, the very end of the night became...indescribable. All in all, i had the best day in my entire life and I couldnt ask for anything else. The fact that a band that you respect and love SO much can think of you as friends and can just hang out for a day is so indescribable. They had remembered all the other stuff that we gave them the last time they were around, and they loved everything they got this time. We could be ourselves around them and everything seemed so normal. I know is that we have an equal personal respect for each other, and that is all i could ever wish for.
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