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There's a new Flicker shirt...it has Rex on the front and says 'El Dangeroso' and on the back it says 'You cant rock this motherfucker' EEEEE i want ittttt!!! It comes in a 'clean' and 'dirty' version. lmao.
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my first post

still absolutely crack up everytime i see the name of this community!
especially considering the fabreeze incident. speaking of which my and my friend gave fletch fabreeze for his birthday when they played the day before his b-day in ft worth.

i can only pick up vibrations...so get in line

Went to the 'walk-through' thing at school with Izzy and Diana. I hate my schedule. I hate my school. I hate being there. My mom told me to stop saying that because 'she's been hearing it for the last two years'...well get used to it because she'll be hearing it alot. >:o\
The locker room smells like old cabbage lol, actually it is definitly NOT funnny. PooP. Everything will be OK because of Flickerstick. *sigh of relief*
Is that a healthy thing? I can actually convince myself that when everything makes no sense and people are stupid, that everything will be OK because of their exsistance and that i met them. ??
Like i was going to my first day at work, nervous as hell...and since i met Flicker...everything was alright.

On a better note, i made my mom go back up to Crossgates to get that Gavin-riffic British flag bag at Hot Topic...hehehe it was still there and still $22...but i had money this time, so it was all good. :o) i LOOOOOOVE this bag!

�We�d end up lookin' like NSYNC...older and fatter NSYNC�
--Rex on the clothes being suggested to Flickerstick for the �Smile� video
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FLeas FLeas FLeas

Katie your community has officialy rocked my socks. I'll probably call you l8ter before you go to Eckerd. Be careful my grandparents have been going around town talking to my friends where they work... and they go in there a lot. Eeep! Oh well you'll laugh anyway. Don't forget to press the TENDER button. woooooop. talk to ya l8ter....

everyone who has joined... HELLO.
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up WAY too early buying Tool tickets.
i am so tired.
Its not that hard, all you have to do is pick up the phone and say, can we play?
--Fletcher about booking a show

Well its hard enough that we cant do it.
--Rex to Fletcher
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